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Reflections & Connections: Personal Journeys Through the Life Sciences

Breaking News: D.C. Public Schools Expands STEM Curriculum through Multi-Million Dollar Investment from Lockheed Martin

**Best Up-to-the minute News on STEM at STEMdaily . See Press Release on Million Women Mentors

Mentorship in sustaining STEM, providing innovative solutions to natural resource management, green business, etc., examples:
Mentorship as a Way to Foster New Green Businesses
Mentoring Green Business
Natural Resource Mangement Mentorship Program
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How to Mentor
Activating STEM Lessons With Project-Based Learning (and Zombies)
Funding/Tech News
Adaptive Math Learning Platform KnowRe Raises $6.8M
Select General Comprehensive Resources:
"The 10 Best STEM Resources" - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Resources for preK-12 includes curriculum resources and lesson plans, links for professional development, and educator resources including age appropriate career guides for students.

Engineering the Classroom with Green and STEM Solutions - YouTube presentation

ERIC - Educational Research Informaton Center is celebrating its 50th birthday (1964-2014). Free searchable database plus thesaurus includes more than 1.4 million records (2012) including journal articles and books. In a scope note found in searching the database on "STEM," ERIC advises the use of Descriptors dealing with preparing students for careers in related fields, e.g. "Science Careers".

LifeWorks - discontinued in October 2013 in the reorganization of NIH's Office of Education, but the website has over 200+ career descriptions and video interviews with scientists, physicians and others.

MissionSTEM - NASA awards approximately one billion dollars a year in Federal financial assistance (FFA) to recipients from university and college STEM programs, to science centers, museums, and planetariums, to scientific research institutes and health care facilities. Site includes a "student corner," featured promising pracices, and related links.

National Science Foundation - STEM grants information, next due date is November 6, 2014.

Pathways to Science -STEM programs, research opportunities, contacts, photos, news and events from the U.S. Department of Defense.

PBS Teachers STEM Education Resource Center - explores some interesting STEM offerings for grades PreK-12. Award-winning STEM-related television programs include: NOVA, NATURE, CYBERCHASE, CURIOUS GEORGE, and SID THE SCIENCE KID. PBS Teacherline also partners with NASA.

STEM Connector - comprehensive search directory including tabs to state, news, higher education, etc., includes "STEMRresults," first nationwide efforts to report results of 5,000 STEM organizations, sponsored by CISCO. Data collected via the U.S. STEM pipeline may prove valuable in identifying Best Practice Models.

STEM Education Resources - from the Purdue Library include: Search for Articles, links to major databases, key journals, e-books, testing and measurement resources, resources for identifying and obtaining test instrument, links to national standards in science, math, and technology, professional organizations, digital libraries. outreach, etc.

TIES -Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM brings the most successful STEM principals and business leaders together with engineers and scientists to implement STEM education design and innovation for the U.S.A.

U.S.Department of Education - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Education for Global Leadership includes tabs on Student Loans, Grants, Laws and Data.
*We define STEM as the leveraging of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to produce goods and services. A primer on STEM by the Congressional Research Service defines STEM. Public Law, P.L. 111-358, Section 2, defines STEM to mean “the academic and professional disciplines of science, technology, engineering," which was later expanded by various federal agencies. NSF funds research in core sciences (e.g., mathematics and physical sciences) and engineering as well as psychology and the social sciences. While the DHS definition of a STEM field was more narrow than that of the NSF, DHS expanded the list of fields it would support to include pharmaceutical sciences, econometrics, quantitative economics, and others. “DHS Announces Expanded List of STEM Degrees,” press release, May 11, 2012. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs and Enforcement, STEM-Designated Degree Program List: 2012 Revised List 2012. Some sources use the acronym "STEMM," the second "M" for "medicine."

Links to Employment information in STEM:
Still Searching: Job Vacancies and STEM skills by Jonathan Rothwell,Brookings Institute, 2014.
Upcoming International Conferences sponsored by industry and academia: - partners include companies and Universities
Multi-Sector International Programs related to STEM: Uganda non-profit, private and public sectors, develop sustainable solutions to the challenges women entrepreneurs face through three programmes: Enterprise Development Programme, Mentoring Women In Business Programme, and Mobile Technology Programme.

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